Torrey Pines High School

3710 Del Mar Heights Rd

San Diego CA 92130


Tel: 858.755.0125

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Please sign up for mailchimp

Coach will be using group email for weekly updates about the team practices and meets as well as fundraisers and nutrition.  At least one parent or guardian should sign up for the emails.  Athletes are also welcome to join.  Please include athlete's name, grade, and which team (girls or boys?).

Please join "Remind"

Coach will be using the Remind app to communicate quickly and easily with the whole team. Please join the “TP Distance” group by clicking the button above. All athletes must join and parents are also welcome to join.


 Off Season

Please check with the coaches to discuss their recommendations for your off season training.

TPXC Philosophy
Torrey Pines Cross Country has a history of success and a culture of excellence.  By joining TPXC, you are becoming a part of a legacy of dedicated young men and women who are passionate and driven.  We work, sweat, and run as a team.  We are ONE TEAM.  We are goal oriented, hard-working, and we never give up.  There is purpose and meaning to everything that we do.  We are mentally tough and resilient in the face of trials.  "The trial of miles; miles of trials."

Thanks for your support!
Coach Kaitlin Hildebrand                      Coach Gerard Reski

Cross Country Coach                                 Cross Country Coach          

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